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The aim of this website is to make our users aware of the business and services that we provide. We endeavor to keep the information updated and correct which gives you the clear image of the content because we don’t believe in misleading our customers. If you feel that the information provided on the website is not correct, then please let us know right away. There are no warranties provided after delivering the services. That being said, by using these services you acknowledge to follow all the terms and conditions mentioned on our “Terms & Condition” page.

What should you do if you do not Receive your Order On Time?
We not only provide services on time but we also believe in making our customers happy with it but somehow if we are unable to provide it on time then we also offer money back option. But this will be valid only if the complete details are provided from your side. For making your large order looks natural it may take time to deliver.

The effort is to keep our website up and running smoothly. However, Pfollowers take no responsibility or will not be liable for if the website is temporarily unavailable due to some technical issues. We are also not responsible for the consequences of buying such services from us. For any other queries regarding our services you can Contact us